Kendra is short (5’ 4") with a very lean musculature. She wears a small amulet around her neck, which mysteriously mutates with her into her wolf form. She carries no obvious weapons with her, choosing to see her quarterstaff as a mere walking stick. She has many small bags that hang from her silk rope belt, filled with various odds and ends. Her backpack contains books, parchment, and various traveling supplies.


Kendra was a warder of the state. She came to the church as a young child and met Voxx while his family was staying in town. They soon fell in love, but when Voxx left the city, she refused to go with him, stating that the church was her home. She has never forgotten him, nor loved any other since.

She studied at the church for many years until she gained her status as a Cleric and was given a holy mission. To find and keep safe a boy who was about to lose everything. She traveled many weeks to get to Kepth. While traveling, she and her party were caught by surprise by a ragged group of bandits. She and only one other survived the initial attack. Her companion became ill with a severe fever and died a week or so later.

She finally arrived in Kepth to find not a beautiful city, full of life and happy people, but a destitute city, with more military presence than it knew what to do with. And with all those in power, none turned an eye toward the men, women, and children starving to death in the streets. With such turmoil here, how did she ever hope to find the boy she was looking for?

She soon found a place where she could stay, but instead stayed with the people who needed her help, where she learned of a boy who was helping the needy to get food and supplies. When she found the boy, he had been caught stealing food. She saved him from getting his hand cut off by the merchant from whom he had been stealing. Then she saw him… Voxx was standing outside his shop door simply watching the commotion down the street…


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